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Only 10 Days to Explore Panama? Here’s what you cannot miss

If you’ve already started to plan your winter vacation, one of our Panama Vacation Packages might be exactly what you are looking for. Especially if your winter holiday is short, and you have to make the most out of your destination in only 10 days.

Panama is an ideal destination if you’re craving a beach tropical holiday. However, not many travellers adventure to explore the marvels of this lovely Central American country beyond the touristic bubble of Panama City and its surroundings.
If you want to have a real taste of Panama, you should definitely think out of the box and try exploring the country in less conventional ways. But how can you accomplish this task in only 10 days? Well, fear not and read on! This the ultimate guide to seize your ten days in Panama to the total max.

Getting to Panama City from the US is easy as cake; henceforth it’s only logical that you should start your trip there. Panama City is lovely but there is so much more to Panama than just the capital. So, don’t overstay and limit your time in Panama City to 2-3 days.

A couple of days in Panama city is more than enough to cover the essentials:

The Panama Canal.

Panama is probably the most cosmopolitan city in Central America, meaning that it can be as noisy, busy and crowded as any other capital in the world. Yet, many tourists come to visit every year and one of the main reasons is the Panama Canal. That’s why the Half-Day Panama City and Panama Canal Tour is so popular. It not only lets you admire the amazing engineering of the canal itself by zipping you along the canal to the Miraflores Locks but it also takes you to Casco Viejo for a colonial adventure.

The lovely skyline.

Panama City’s skyline is gorgeous and worth contemplating. But don’t be fooled by the modern looks of it, the atmosphere and the surroundings once you start walking the picturesque Panamanian streets is just as modest, warm and relaxed as the one in any other Central American city.

Casco Viejo.

An area designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO is obviously a bucket list item for your Panama trip. Casco Viejo features narrow cobblestoned streets and Spanish architecture from the colonial era. Make sure to visit the churches and markets for a complete touristic experience and grab a bite in one of the many trendy restaurants of the area.

Your next Panama destination should be Bocas del Toro where another 2 or 3 days can be seized to the maximum by exploring its jungles, beaches and clear waters at your own pace. Bocas Town is picturesque but the best beaches are a bit far so you might want to arrange a trip to Isla Colon or a boat captain to zip you around the islands.

You can visit Boca del Drago and Playa Estrella, which is one of the most popular beaches of the area. It gets its name from the many starfish that crowd the white sand under the shallow clear waters of the beach. If you’re into surfing and watersports you can also try Red Frog Beach on Isla Bastimentos.

Before you leave Bocas Town, get a burger and a tropical fruit smoothie at Captain Caribe. Then, you’ll be ready for your next stop in Panama, which should be no other than Boquete.

At least 3 days are necessary to squeeze all the juice of this beautiful destination. Boquete is up in the Chiriquí highlands, a place with cool breezes and a lovely spring climate all year round. In Boquete you have to be ready to enjoy a ziplining adventure across the Boquete tree trek. You can also explore the Boquete tree trek on the ground by walking through it or taking the path on horseback.

Some of the world’s best coffee come from the Boquete region, and if you are a coffee aficionado, taking a coffee tour might be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. After a coffee that recharges your energies, hiking around Boquete is the perfect way to explore the area. You’ll find flat and steep hiking trails across the region and one of the most popular is the Peña Blanca trail. You can also try other hikes such as La Artilleria, El Pianista y el Sendero de los Quetzales which connects Boquete with Guadalupe. Nevertheless, if you want a true adventure, try a tour to the Baru volcano.

Now, you have one extra day to relax after all the activities and get ready to take the flight back home after enjoying the best of Panama in just 10 days.

If you’re considering Panama as a destination for your next holiday, our Panama Vacation Packages have the best deals for you. If you want to make your vacation unforgettable, Give Only Travel Group a call now on 916 688 3700. What are you waiting for?

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