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3 Reasons to Travel to the Caribbean in September

Traveling to the Caribbean is almost a mystical experience for most people. It can serve as the best way of therapy for treating physical and mental illnesses alike. The ocean, the landscapes, the food, the people, among many others, make of the Caribbean the perfect place to escape from routine and reconnect with yourself. However, depending on the time of the year, it can be costly and overcrowded. For this reason, often times people wonder what the best time of the year is for traveling to this paradisiac region. The answer is September, mostly because of the lower demand. Below, we’ve detailed 3 reasons why September is the best month of the year to travel to the Caribbean.

Low Costs

September is the month in which flight tickets and hotels are at their lowest price. As children go back to school, and summer starts to end to give way to fall, prices start to plummet. Studies show that people can save significant amounts of money when booking their flights and hotels for September. This makes this month perfect for enjoying a luxury vacation without spending tons of money. It is important to note, though, that since September is low season for traveling, some hotels and restaurants close during this month to do reparations or just for taking vacations themselves.

Perfect Weather

Very few people disagree with the statement that September has the best weather of the year. It is the transition from summer to fall. Going to the Caribbean during this month will allow you to enjoy the beach without having to endure an extremely hot weather, plus the ocean will be warmer since it has been warming up all summer.

Fewer People

The purpose of going on a trip, for most people, is to get away from their high-paced routines and stay at a place where they can have some real rest. However, this is not always possible to achieve during vacations season because of the large crowds: your get-away place, where you were supposed to disconnect from the high pace of the city, ends up being even more hectic. In September, kids are back to school and most adults are back to work, the vacation season is over. This means that the most touristic places, including those in the Caribbean, will not be as crowded, giving you the perfect chance to have that so well deserved rest you went to the beach looking for.

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