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5 Must-Try Dishes in Peru

South America has many exotic places to visit, which is why many travelers take a tour through South American countries, which include Medellin Vacation Packages, trips to Argentina, and even stops in Peru. Although all of the countries in South American are amazing, Peru is one of the favorites of a lot of our travelers. This is because Peru is filled with culture, and it’s also considered the best cuisine in the world. For that reason, we’ve put together the top foods you have to eat on your travel vacation to Peru.




You can’t go to Peru and not eat ceviche! The vast amount of fresh seafood makes this plate their unofficial national dish. The raw fish is “cooked” in the acidity of lime, and paired with red onion, aji pepper, and corn.


This dish is for the most adventurous travelers, as cuy stands for guinea pig. The meat is usually cooked on the barbecue and sold whole, with the head included. Although people are nervous to eat it, this delicious meat has a gamey flavor that can be compared to rabbit.


Causa has a base of mashed potatoes and then stacked with delicious toppings. Usually the toppings are vegetables, meat, or tuna.


These are skewers of marinated and sauteed meat. Although any meat can be used, it is most common served with beef heart. This dish is served on the street, as well as in fancy restaurants.

Rocoto Relleno

This is a must-try dish for those of you that like spice. This dish consists of Capsicum pubescens (a spicy pepper) that’s boiled and then stuffed with hard boiled eggs and ground beef. It is then topped with cheese and baked.

One of the best ways to experience a new culture is by trying their cuisine. When you’re enjoying a travel vacation in Peru, make sure to try these 5 plates.

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