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8 Incredible Things to Do When Visiting Panama

Panama is an exciting country that offers so much to partake in and make some unforgettable memories in the process. Due to the vast number of things to do there, it can become somewhat overwhelming to decide what things to choose from. Luckily, you have come to the right place as this article will offer eight things to do in Panama to make your travel vacations special.

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  1. Visit the Panama Canal – The Panama Canal is the most famous landmark in the country and should not be missed when going there.


  1. Visit Casco Viejo – Casco Viejo is the old district of Panama City, and it offers a true authentic experience.


  1. Take a Break at Panama City Beach – Take the day off from the hustle and bustle at Panama City beach.


  1. Witness the Gold Altar at Iglesia San Jose Church – See the remarkable golden altar with your own eyes at Iglesia San Jose church.


  1. Try Traditional Food – Enjoy some hearty traditional food scattered all throughout the country.


  1. Visit Miraflores Visitor Center – Take time to learn about the history of the Panama canal to appreciate how far it has come.


  1. Let Loose in Avenida Balboa – Spend an evening in Avenida Balboa to relax and chill out while taking in the stunning surrounding scenery.


  1. Learn at the Biomuseo – Make some time to see the natural history of Panama at the Biomuseo.

Hopefully, you can take in some of these tips and deploy them into your travel vacation in Panama. Panama has so much to offer for those looking for a fun-filled vacation, and this list only selects a small handful.

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