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9 carnival celebrations in Mexico you should go to

Not only in Veracruz, Mazatlan or Campeche you can live the party trough this season. Here are ten destinations that also celebrate original and local celebrations in February.

In Mexico all the carnival celebrations have different meanings. But each one of them is highlighted in their colors and dances, very linked to the bad luck days marked in the Xalamatl (the Nahuatl calendar) and also linked to other mix-race traditions. Below, we’ve listed the most outstanding ones.

  • The Carnival of Tlaxcala

    The carnival of the city of Tlaxcala is characterized by dances of Nahua origin, it also highlights the torment of the fire eater (burning a doll) the flashy costumes and the quadrille of catrines as well as the parades, the floats and the representation of the hangman.

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