Our advisory board consists of several masters of business who offer strategic opinions on specific aspects of our company processes.  Their main purpose is to offer advice that helps our organization grow and achieve its goals.


Federico Ramos

Mr. Ramos has a strong background in business, finance and management, as well as experience in leading projects and working with subcommittees.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Machu Picchu, Peru


Guillermo Lopez

Mr. Lopez has been a travel agency veteran for over 3 decades.  His strengths are agency operations and management.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Greek Isles Cruise

Vice President

Carlos Ramirez

Mr. Ramirez has an extensive background in the cruise industry.  He has worked for over 20 years in several roles, from on the ships to sales and planning.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Perfect Day at Coco Cay


Carolyn Foye

Ms. Foye has worked for various airlines for the past 15 years mainly working in flight operations, vacation packages and aircraft/crew positioning.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Tulum, Mexico (South of Cancun)

Board Member

Jerome Davis

Mr. Davis has an extensive background in the air consolidator business.  With over 18 years-experience, he has quite the knowledge when it comes to the airlines.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii.

Board Member

Stephanie Deavers

Mrs. Deavers is pretty new to the industry with only 5 years-experience. She held numerous positions in business and finance over the years.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Los Cabos, Mexico.

Board Member

Santiago Giraldo

Mr. Giraldo has worked in the LATAM market for the past 18 years.  He has extensive knowledge of Central & South America.  He has held positions with Avianca and LATAM in business, finance and sales management.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Board Member

Linda Carlisle

Mrs. Carlisle has owned her travel agency for the past 12 years.  Her main focus is honeymoons and destination wedding planning.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Turks and Caicos