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Cartagena Top Attractions

Arik Travel offers some wonderful Cartagena vacation packages. If you want to spend an amazing holiday in such an exclusive and attractive place, check out some of the top attractions below.

The Walled City of Cartagena

Cartagena is a beautiful place with an upper-scale feeling. You should spend an afternoon at the Walled City of Cartagena to explore its wonderful architecture and vibrant street culture. Cartagena’s old town is an important tourist attraction, so you should put it on your list while on holiday. There are plenty of amazing cafés and restaurants where you can stop and sip a tasty coffee or taste some delicious traditional food.

The Caribe Jewelry Factory and Museum

While on your holiday in beautiful Cartagena, don’t forget to spend a day at this museum to get a taste of the culture and heritage of the place. You will enjoy a unique experience here, and you will have the chance to enjoy hands-on experience in jewelry making and, of course, learn more about the world-famous Colombian emeralds. You will be taught by a local guide and an instructor who are extremely welcoming and professional to help make your tour here truly unique and magical.

Plaza Santo Domingo & Church

Santo Domingo is the oldest church is the amazing walled city of Cartagena. The Plaza will certainly become one of your favorite places here. It is a big and open space, and you will also find a Botero statue beside the church-the statue is a true landmark of the city. The Plaza is a truly scenic place, and you should certainly not miss it – while you are browsing through the Cartagena vacation packages, remember to check this little spot on your list!

Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas is one of the most important and unique landmarks and points of interest here. Enjoy wonderful views and an inspirational walk here before heading to the next spot on your list. Here, you will explore the architecture, history, culture, and military strategy, which were all part of creating beautiful Cartagena

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