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Classic Cartagena

Colombia is a country with an extremely rich history. A fair share of that is not held in good esteem and, of course, this has become a key topic of concern for those who know little about this wonderful country. But this couldn’t be further than the truth of Colombia today. Colombians are extremely prideful and now do everything possible to create a Colombia known across the world for what it truly has to offer.

In South America, the culture is extremely famous and Colombia has played a great part in creating it, whether that is food, dancing, music or history. For example, the undisputed best coffee in the world comes from Colombia; most of the best known South American music artists are from Colombia; the delicious Colombian food; and the list goes on.

Colombia is home to many wonderful cities and towns such as Bogota, Cali, Medellin, and, not to forget, Cartagena. Cartagena has become very popular for travel vacations for many reasons: the beaches, the friendly residents, the music, the landscapes, and the food, among many others.

But one key reason why Cartagena is unique is due to the fact it still sticks to its traditional and authentic roots, unlike many popular travel vacations destinations. Now, of course, there are big hotels, lots of excursions, etc. But this hasn’t impacted the rich culture of this unique place to the point where the culture takes a backseat.

It is advised when going on your travel vacations here you should seek to find the best Cartagena Vacation Packages from Arik Travel. Here, we will be able to tailor your vacation for whatever your need, whether you want to come here for the rich culture of the city or to spend your days relaxing by the beach, or both!

A key point to consider when booking Cartagena Vacation Packages is how cheap it is compared to many of these other inflated tourist destinations. It really is a fantastic option if you are seeking to save a little bit of money but still be able to have an unforgettable experience.

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