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Corporate Travel

For most companies, travel is the third largest controllable expense. If travel expenses are controlled at all, the company’s business travelers usually dictate them — with little regard to cost.

Executive Travel Center is on the leading edge of travel cost containment. In addition to providing high levels of service to today’s business traveler, we consult extensively with our clients’ management to establish and implement effective cost control programs.

With intricate regulations and deeply ingrained practices, the travel industry can be difficult to navigate, and travel costs can be tough to control without help. Many companies attempt to control travel costs by severely reducing company travel, possibly hurting their sales and potentially diluting their market share.

Executive Travel Center has the expertise to help you design effective travel programs that reduce expenses and provide quality service. And with our current contracts and travel technology, we are pleased to offer many travel solutions that save our clients’ money.

The first step in containing costs is to setup a travel policy documenting rules that govern your company’s business travel. With an obsolete or incomplete travel policy, your company cannot effectively enforce these rules. Without the ability to enforce these rules, it becomes very difficult for your company to control business travel costs.

If your company has a travel policy, is it clear, complete, current and enforceable?.

Let us work with you to establish a travel policy based upon:

  • Our depth of experience in travel policies and best practices.
  • Maximizing your investment in your travel program.
  • Recognize the comfort and needs of your business travelers.


Along with our personalized service and expert guidance, here are some of the other benefits offered:

  • Detailed Weekly/Monthly Air Summary Reports.
  • Upgrades Requested/Managed for Elite Passengers.
  • Frequent Flyer Account/Elite Management.
  • Hotel Membership Account/Elite Management.
  • No Saturday Night Discounted Airfare/No Advance Purchase.
  • Discounted Airfare.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Travel Services.
  • Airline Incentive Programs.
  • Direct Billing of Airline, Car & Hotel Reservations.