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Costa Rican Architecture

Architecture is the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings. Although architecture is important in the functionality of a society, it also represents a huge part of a culture. When you look at the style of a building, you can determine the climate of the location that it’s at, what materials were available to the builders, and the values of the society. When we study the architecture of a building, the building will tell us its history, including when it was built and the culture that occupied it. When you’re enjoying your Costa Rica vacation package, you’ll be able to see architecture from different eras. This is what you can experience on your Costa Rica vacation package.



One of the Pre-Columbian establishments that you can visit is Guayabo, which can be found on the southern slope of the Turrialba Volcano. This site was occupied from 1000 BC and 1400 AD and was seen as an important cultural, political, and religious center. Guayabo has stone-paved streets, animal carvings and drawings, and round platforms for wooden structures to be built on.


Costa Rica used to be dominated by Spanish colonial architecture from the 17th and 18th century. This style typically has solid lines, bold structures, and flamboyant decorations from the architecture style called Churrigueresque. One of the towns that you can go to see this style on your Costa Rica vacation package is called Barva. This town was founded in 1561, making it one of the first towns to be colonized by the Spanish.


Costa Rica is the world leader in eco-tourism, meaning that it has a lot of tourism involving the natural environment without harming the environment. Due to this, there is a movement in Costa Rica towards sustainable and green architecture. The structures are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment and reduce the need for energy-intensive heating and cooling. Modern houses are now being built elevated so that they don’t disturb the landscape.

This article is just an introduction to the architecture that you can see on your Costa Rica vacation package, but the unique styles can be seen all over Costa Rica. While you’re enjoying your Costa Rica vacation package, make sure to learn about the history and culture through their architecture.

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