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Cruising Through Alaska with Arik Travels

Alaska is a state that many people around the world, including Americans, have not visited. Everyone should visit Alaska at least once, though, and enjoy its wildlife, mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers, and waterways. On our cruise, every day you will be able to see a different side of Alaska. Not only will you get to enjoy your time when we are docked, but you will have a beautiful view from the boat as well. Here are some of the reasons that you should take a cruise through Alaska. (Related topics: vacation packages, travel vacations)



Remote Places

Alaska is filled with wilderness, and in some areas there aren’t roads for travel. Because of this, there are some places that are nearly impossible to get to by car. Juneau, for example, is easy to sail to but not drive to. Exploring Alaska by sea will give you the opportunity to visit places that are hard to reach by land.


Chances are, you’ve never seen a glacier in person. A glacier forms from an accumulation of snow that transforms into ice; each year, new layers are added. Because they grow with time, their size can be astonishing. Not only will you see many glaciers, but we will also visit the famous Hubbard Glacier, which is considered one of the best glaciers in Alaska. It has been named the largest glacier in North America, being 76 miles in length and 1,200 feet in depth.


If you want to relax and enjoy the scenery, this is the perfect place. On the other hand, if you’re looking for adventure, Alaska has a lot of opportunities! There are different excursions that you can participate in, such as guided mountain hikes, zip lining, fishing, sea kayaking, and more. You can speak with one of our travel exports to find the excursion that fits your needs.

We have different Alaskan cruises that you can choose from that vary in locations, length of cruise, and price. If you’re interested in cruising through Alaska, we can help you find the cruise that best fits your preference.

If you’re considering Alaska as a destination for your next holiday, or if you’re looking for travel vacations or vacation packages, we have the best deals for you. If you want to make your vacations unforgettable, give Arik Travel a call now at 916 688 3700. What are you waiting for?

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