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Eating Your Way Through Italy

One of the best parts of a travel vacation is experiencing a new culture through their cuisine. When you think of eating your way through a country, the first country that should come to mind is Italy. Italy has an overwhelmingly amount of delicious food, with each city having a specialty. This article lists some of the popular cities in Italy and what you should eat in each place. (Related topics: travel vacation, vacation package)


In Milan, you’ll likely eat red meats and poultry served with polenta, a maize flour used in Italian cooking with a texture similar to grits. Polenta has a bland flavor, but it absorbs the flavor of the food it accompanies, such as meat or vegetables. Other popular dishes include Cotoletta ala Milanese, Aperitivo, or Panzerotto.


You can find great food in Venice, but you’ll notice how many people love desserts here. Since Tiramisu originated from Venice, this is the perfect place to try it. Tiramisu is a dessert made from coffee, eggs, sugar, cocoa, mascarpone cheese, and ladyfinger pastries. In addition, don’t forget to try their gelato or stop at the local bakery for a wide variety of sweet breads.


The famous dish from Tuscany is Florentina steak, which is a large T-bone steak meant to be shared among multiple people. It is traditionally served rare; if you order it any other way, the chef may be offended. You will also find Crostini Toscani all over Tuscany, which is a chicken liver pate served on a thin piece of toasted bread and eaten as a starter.


When in Rome, make sure to eat their classic dish: Carbonara. This dish consists of freshly made pasta such as linguini or spaghetti and covered in a sauce made of egg yolks, pecorini cheese, cured guanciale, and black pepper. You will also find an abundance of Roman pizza, a thin crusted pizza with buffalo cheese and prosciutto.

Although these are the suggested dishes from each city, there are a variety of other dishes that you can choose from. No matter what city you choose, don’t forget to ask the locals what they recommend, and they will surely point you in the right direction for an authentic, exotic dish. At Arik Travels, we have different travel vacations to Italy. Call us to learn more about our different vacation packages.

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