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Experiencing The World of Art in Cancun

There are so many things that a person can do while traveling. One person may want to spend the entire trip in the comfort of their hotel, relaxing and drinking cocktails. The next person may want to take spanish and dancing classes. The last person could be more interested in art. If you’re the last person, you probably get excited about experiencing the artwork in every country and city that you visit. Although not everyone considers the art that they can see when they go on a Cancun vacation package, you probably do.



One of the easiest ways to see the artwork in this city is to take a walk through the city. In downtown Cancun you’ll come across many large public murals where street artists show off their skill. The transformation of old buildings into large, colorful murals has transformed the image of the city.

Aside from the public morals, there are many art galleries that you can visit. This includes Balance Cancun Gallery, La Madeja de las Ideas, SHOWroomcancun, and the Museo Subacuatico de Arte. Another great option is the Museo Maya de Cancun, which was opened in 2012. This is both a gallery and an archeological site. Inside the museum, you can see 2,500 pieces of Mayan jewelry, pottery, and sculptures. On the outside, you’ll discover the San Miguelito archeological site, which consists of 40 structures; one of them is a 26-foot-high pyramid.

If the archeological site sparked your interest, there’s another one just a couple minutes away from the Museo Maya de Cancun. This one is called El Rey Ruins and it shows the pre-Columbian Mayan culture that existed in Cancun. The most prominent feature of these ruins are small temples that are claimed to have once been used as watchtowers and lighthouses.

When you go on a Cancun vacation package, don’t forget to enjoy everything that the city has to offer. Whether you’re in the street or in a museum, there’s a lot of art to be seen.

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