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Historic Landmarks in Alaska

Alaska is known for many things; when it comes to geography, Alaska has glaciers, mountains, lakes, rivers, and even fjords. Regarding animals, there are salmon, moose, caribou, whales, bison, and puffins, to name a few. This is why people who are interested in the outdoors choose to take travel vacations here. Aside from the outdoors, however, there are also amazing sites for those that are interested in history. Here are some of the historic places that you can find in Alaska on your vacation package.



Russian Orthodox Church

This church is located about 30 minutes outside of Kenai Fjords National Park. The reason that this church is important is because it represents the Russian culture in south-central Alaska. It was built in 1896, but wasn’t considered a national historic landmark until 1970. You can take a tour of this church and view many religious artifacts that are still inside.

Crow Creek Mine

Alaska has many gold panning areas, but not all of them offer an authentic experience that function as it did during the Alaska Gold Rush. When you visit this mine, which is about an hour outside of Anchorage, you can get an original experience, while also learning more about the gold rush.

Fort William H. Seward

This fort was established in 1898 and has more than 85 buildings. This was the last fort from the Gold Rush era and was the only military base in Alaska operating from 1925 to 1940. This fort earned its name from the Secretary of State who facilitated the purchase of Alaska.

Castle Hill

Located in Sitka, this was the location where the American flag was raised and the Russian flag was lowered in 1867. This signified the transfer of Alaska to the United States. At Castle Hill, you can also see Tlingit and Russian forts.

Fort Abercrombie

Fort Abercrombie was a World War II coastal defense installation. This means that the soldiers would use this fort to protect the coastline. At this important historic landmark, you can discover 182 acres of trails and ocean views.

While you’re enjoying your vacation package in Alaska, make sure to experience the amazing historic landmarks that are there.

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