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How Much Cash to Take with you on Your Holiday?

While browsing through the fantastic santa marta vacation packages, you are undoubtedly thinking about budgeting. How much money do you need to have with you to spend a comfortable holiday? When considering budgeting, you also need to include the cost of your holiday and the money you will pay for a week at the destination. When traveling, it is essential to have cash on you- you never know how the ATMs will work, and you cannot entirely rely on your credit cards at the destination. There are certain places where you cannot even pay using your card…so how much cash should you have on you for a whole 7 –day vacation?

When calculating, start by considering the expenses you already know about. For example, here we can talk about the hotels, the flights and any trips/excursions you will need to pay for. Next, add other expenses such as your meals, groceries at the destination, souvenirs, museum admissions, and so on. If you prioritize this list with payments, even if you can only approximate the costs …you are already building your way to a wonderful and cheap holiday. Also, when you know exactly how much you will allocate for souvenirs, for example, then you will not spend more.

You can reduce the cash flow needs on site if you start prepaying as many things as possible. For example, pay ahead for hotel stays, flights, and maybe your meals at the hotel. Also, prepay for the tours you want and the needed transfers to and from the airport.

Depending on the destination you choose, you may be able to use your credit cards or not. Not all the restaurants and shops in Mexico, for example, will accept credit cards. On the other hand, if you choose Iceland as your destination, you can rest assured that you can pay everywhere using your card. You should consider anywhere between $50 and $100 in cash per day/traveler.

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