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Isla Mujeres Is Giving Wonderful Closure to 2017

Mexico is a country full of culture and traditions and there isn’t a more evident time to show this than December. The whole country celebrates from December 12th until January 6th, either with gifts, meals with friends and family or with religious beliefs; here is a short review of public holidays between December and January.

Thanks to the promotional activities that have been undertaken by the Government of the City of Isla Mujeres, headed by Mayor Juan Carrillo Soberanis, the start of the December holiday season has been a success, as domestic and foreign tourists choose this destination to spend their holidays.

“The municipality has maintained high levels of hotel occupancy and tourist influx throughout the year, so we expect a great end of the year in this last holiday season of 2017” The Mayor said.

Each year, Isla Mujeres receives more than 2 million tourists from the United States, Canada and Mexico, representing a strong economic benefit for the island families and also the country, positioning itself as one of the favorite beach destinations amongst the travellers.

The work carried out by the Public and Traffic Safety committee of the Department of Public Services and Maritime Land (Zofemat), in coordination with the state and federal agencies, such as tours and permanent cleaning of the beaches and boulevards of the Federal District are intended to optimize resources and improve the image of this tourist destination.

These actions have earned awards to the island for its efforts in promoting tourism, preserving the natural environment and quality of its beaches, being this last one the aspect that most worked required according to the mayor, Juan Carrillo Soberanis. Besides being one of the 111 Magic Towns of Mexico, Isla Mujeres has important awards, such as the recertification of the “Blue Flag” for Playa Centro therefore complies with the axes of environmental education and information, water quality management and environmental management and safety and services.

Also, the “White Flag” certification for North Beach, for their excellent measures to protect the environment on the beaches, taking care of the water quality and management of the solid waste, among others, guaranteeing the tourist whos visiting a clean and well maintained space.

Jose Castillo Magaña, General director of Tourism in Isla Mujeres, said the town is at its best. All year, high rates of tourist inflow remained, this is why he is confident that this holiday season will be a great success for the destination, exceeding 90% in hotel occupancy. The City of Isla Mujeres is committed to protecting the natural environment, cleanliness and promotion of the destination, ensuring that tourists will have a good image of this magical town and the islanders will obtain greater economic benefits through the boosting of more and better jobs.

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