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Looking for a place to stay in Costa Rica?

Travelling to Costa Rica and not knowing the city, can put you in a difficult position when it comes to finding a good hotel where they make you feel like home and where you can find time and resources to relax and rest whilst enjoying the essentials.

Regularly the first thing people do when they travel is to research a mandatory list of activities to do where they arrive at their destination. After that, they take care of the accommodations and last they worry about the food and other travelling needs. Some people feel spontaneous and they embark in this adventure without knowing the place they’re visiting. If you’re going to Costa Rica and but you don’t know Costa Rica, worry not! This article will tell you where to go and where to stay to ensure you don’t miss the famous Arenal volcano, or the Irazu, the Tortuguero national park, the Chirripo hill, which is the highest mountain in the country or any other attractions that make every tourist from around the world visit this charming part of Central America.

So how can you visit Costa Rica, one of the richest destinations in nature and with plenty of activities to do during the holidays without having to jump from hotel to hotel? Well, the trick is to stick to the hotels that offer their guests the necessary perks to surrender to the pleasure of disconnecting yourself from the mundane and reconnect with the essentials, like waking up with the birds singing, breathing clean & fresh air, and walking barefoot through the pacific beaches without being scared for your safety.

As a first stop, I would recommend the Marriott Ocean & Golf resort, located at less than two hours from the Juan Santamaria international airport, and ten minutes away from the stores, restaurants and nightlife in the Jaco beach. You’ll be welcomed by mountains painted in splendid green, cloudy skies that announce a storm and a deep silence. Meanwhile in the hotel, a delicious cocktail will be waiting for you along with a front desk host that will welcome you at first sight with the famous phrase “pura vida” which in other words means, love, happiness, prosperity and fullness.

The property is located inside 2.700 acres of jungle. It features 201 rooms with views of the ocean or the mountains, including nine suites, 20 premium rooms and a presidential suite. The beds are so comfortable that even the most hyperactive guest feels compelled to rest on them, the only thing that could make you get out of the room are the menus from the five different restaurants, which go from the traditional Costa Rican cuisine to Mediterranean food and gourmet burgers, all in an outdoor space where you can hear the sound of the sea.

There are many activities for all preferences, while the young ones have the opportunity to learn the local language with complementary Spanish classes, the adults can join zumba, salsa or aqua fitness classes, and from the rainforest initiative, you can plant an almond tree in the property, which is an unforgettable experience, the host gets picked up in a golf cart and taken for a trip around the 18 golf holes until they reach the plantation point, a good reason to come back to Costa Rica.

Although it is hard to be tired surrounded by so many places to rest, the Marriott hotels have prepared for their guests a relaxation and disconnection space that more than a spa, it resembles a temple for the reborn of the body.

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