Arik Travel


“As professional meeting planners, Executive Travel is dedicated to providing their clients with the highest level of service, commitment and integrity at all times.”

I am proud to say that above statement reflects our client’s satisfaction and we would be delighted to be given the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs and requirements.

Executive Travel Center has become a leading and most respected professional conference organization. We have been managing meetings, conferences, special events and exhibitions of all shapes and sizes in various locations across the United States and beyond. We are known as experts in meeting planning.

We provide the total solution. We advise, we direct, we consult, we plan, we manage, we organize, we create, we coordinate, we make it all happen, the way you want it to happen, efficiently, effectively and very successfully.

We like to think we are working with you and for you. We have the knowledge, valuable resources, the experience, the dedication and the passion to ensure every single aspect of your conference, event and/or exhibition is efficiently and effectively managed. We like to think that we can make your conference a joy not a chore and that you can feel comfortable knowing we are in control.

Executive Travel Center is all about experience, innovation, integrity, and service, principles that Arik Anderson has based the business on since 1993.

While we are delighted in receiving a number of awards for excellence from our industry and peers, it is the satisfaction we receive from witnessing our client’s success in hosting successful conferences that makes it worthwhile.

We are pleased to say that our clients have always been our best advertisement, and we take great pleasure in the relationships we form with our clients to ensure their conferences and events are first class.

While we contribute our success to many initiatives and strategies, we are renowned for our passion and commitment to each and every project we undertake. We enjoy your success and are as passionate about your conference and event as you are.


We are one of the few conference management organizations that is able to provide complete onsite management services. These services begin from the time we meet with you until the completion of the conference or event. Every detail, every task, is achieved through careful planning and an eye for detail.

Our services are wide and varied and include:

  •  Complete Conference Advice
  • Budget/Financial Management
  • Travel Accommodations
  • Catering Management
  • Meeting Room Setup/Conference Registration
  • Social/Tour/Special Event Planning
  • Onsite Management


Your involvement, expertise and knowledge of the target market and audience provide a key component to the successful planning and outcome of the conference. We will guide you and be there every step of the process, but most of all we will be in control of all the most important issues.

Your piece of mind is very important to us.