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Puerto Vallarta: The Most Exceptional Destination In Latin America

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most exceptional destinations in Latin America. With its biodiversity, exquisite food, romantic atmosphere, artistic paradise and the diverse and friendly community; Puerto Vallarta cannot be beat. The beauty of Puerto Vallarta can be found in its inhabitants who are friendly and very welcoming to everyone.

Explore Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful vegetation which blankets the mountains and shelters hundreds of species of birds, orchids and wildlife such as the ocelot, jaguar and the iguana. With its immense biodiversity, you can watch dolphins and hunchback whales leap in and out of the water. You could even go out and fish for marlin, tuna or sea bass. If you are a food enthusiast looking for a holiday destination, there is no better place than Puerto Vallarta. You will find traditional food in local restaurants and outdoor cafes or gourmet meals in international restaurants.

Puerto Vallarta is considered one of the most romantic destinations in Mexico and has received a large variety of awards in numerous categories. This destination comes highly recommended for big occasions such as weddings, honeymoons, vow renewals and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Share experiences with that special someone such as a delicious romantic dinner or celebrate romance on your honeymoon. In addition to couples, Puerto Vallarta is also a great family destination with a number of family-friendly hotels to choose from.

Here, you will find a paradise of art and culture, home to culture fans and artists from all around the world. You will be inspired by the beauty and romance of the colonial town and the people in it. The artistic scene is reflected in the art galleries, public sculptures and cultural festivals. With one of the best LGBTQ communities, everyone is invited to enjoy the tolerant atmosphere, amazing climate, the great cuisine and the breathtaking beaches. In the malecon, or the pier, you will find the world-famous nightlife and shopping scenes.

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