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Pura Vida: What does the signature phrase of Costa Rica mean?

You live well in Costa Rica, people are happy, they’ve been chosen a couple of times for different indicators as the happiest country in the world and that’s what people who come to visit can feel.

For the Tourism Minister of Costa Rica, Mauricio Ventura the signature phrase of the Central American country: “Pura Vida” is more than just those two words that literally translate as Pure Life, this phrase actually defines a lifestyle in a country which best attributes are the people who live in there.

That’s the way the Tourism Minister of the Centro American country expressed it in an interview with EFE, during his visit to Zaragoza in representation of Costa Rica, one of the invited countries to the flower offering for the Virgen del Pilar of Zaragoza.

Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries in the world, and that’s what people who come to visit can feel. Most of the people who visit Costa Rica, always go back. Besides when they go visit they do it for a long period of time, about more than 12 days against the lower averages that are approximately spent by tourists in other countries around the world.

There’s a marvelous touristic relationship that materializes with a daily flight from Madrid, Spain to San Jose, capital of Costa Rica. In fact, Spanish and European people are the ones that have appreciated the beauties of Costa Rica the most, crossing it from coast to coast and experiencing what has been described as good life experiences, which make people leave Costa Rica feeling better than they did when they first arrived.

This Central American territory also has culture, adventure and nature which make it a country with a big important wealth, with the 5% of all biodiversity in the world in a territory barely bigger than Aragon, Spain.

In Costa Rica, no more than 3 locations pay tribute to the Virgen del Pilar and celebrate their festivities as well, which is why a Costa Rican delegation was invited to Spain to the flower offering. And is that same faith, devotedness, passion and festive spirit what make Costa Ricans so happy, and that’s exactly what the “pura vida” phrase means, it’s not just “pure life”, is love, happiness, prosperity and fullness.

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