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Save money whilst travelling on Labour Day

Labour day is your last chance for a summer getaway, if you couldn’t find the time to do it earlier. On the other hand, for those who seized the holidays to the max, Labour day long weekend is the perfect opportunity to give closure to a great summer, right before the kids start school again and the temperature drops.

An Expedia survey showed that nearly 25% of Americans plan to travel over the September 4th weekend. The roads will be most likely means filled with traffic, airports will be busy and hotels will be packed. However, there’s no need to worry, there are several ways of avoiding or at least successfully enduring the holiday chaos and save some money at the same time.

Try to pick the best day for your flight based on which days there will be less traffic at the airport. RewardsExpert is a website that analysed five years of data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, their research demonstrated that August 30th and September 3rd are the best options for travelers who want to avoid setbacks like delays and cancellations.

If you’re planning a roadtrip, save money on gas by figuring out which states have the cheapest gas prices and organise your stops accordingly. Although this year has featured lower gas prices than previous years, the prices still vary from state to state. Nevertheless, according to AAA the national average for gas is $2.33 a gallon, or at least it was as of August 21st. The places with the cheapest gas are:

• South Carolina with an average of $2.06 per gallon
• Alabama and Mississippi have t at $2.09 per gallon
• Oklahoma and Arkansas at $2.10 per gallon.

An app called GasBuddy can help you find the cheapest gas along your road trip route, and it’s available for your phone.
Another way to save money is keeping track of any add-on fees. Those baggage airline fees can be cost-efficiently managed if you plan correctly ahead of time. Usually carry-on baggage fees are lower if you declare at the moment of booking. You should also keep in mind that most major airlines charge $25 dollars for the first bag but if you book your flight with a credit card, you could save some money as several airline cards (including Delta, American, and United) will waive the $25 fee for a checked bag if the traveler is a cardholder. However, airline credit cards are only helpful if you seize everything they offer, to ensure you can do so, stay up to date regarding the card’s benefits.

When it comes to destinations, you can celebrate the Labour Day Weekend without breaking the bank in these cities:
• Las Vegas
• Austin
• Honolulu
Based on airfare and hotel bookings, these destinations will be 10% cheaper than last year

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