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I can honestly say, Arik Anderson offers BY FAR the best total customer support I have ever experienced from the travel industry!  It never seems to matter what part of the world I am traveling, or if it’s the weekend, Arik ALWAYS answers my calls for support and gets me home.  I will use no other travel service, his support and service is certainly worth every penny!  Keep up the great work Arik!


Ron, Jacksonville, FL

Made it to Seattle.  My bag ended up on a different flight coming in from Denver so they’re dropping it off sometime tonight.  Thanks for your help today.  Even though I got on the plane after all, I was the only person at the gate who wasn’t freaking out and screaming at the gate agents.  Knowing I had another route ready to go made all the difference.  Thanks again!


Steve, Carrboro, NC

I can’t thank Arik enough for the super job he has done and I’m sure he will continue to do well as the company’s travel agent.  He knows his business and more importantly how to with us “strange creatures” called doctors.  He is a huge asset and is able to tap into many resources.


Dwight, Coral Springs, FL

For a person who took care of group travel for 20 years, I really appreciate your efforts to make the trip a nice experience for our families.


Mark, Elk Grove, CA

Just to rave a bit, Arik Anderson is THE hero travel agent.  You had told me he would be on top of things, but I had no idea any travel agent provided such care.  My flight was delayed going into Lincoln.  Arik knew it about the same time I did and I was at the gate.  He called me then arranged for the rental car person to stay and meet me even though they were not open, then he called the hotel to make sure they knew I would be late.  The desk at the hotel closed at 11pm, I got there about 1am.  The guy met me at the door.  You have found a gem.  Thank you for having him arrange my plans.


Stacey, Omaha, NE

I must tell you that I appreciate your can do attitude and all of your hard work.  Thanks for your efforts.


Paul, Dallas, TX

Thank you again for planning such a great event.  You made everything turn-key and first-class.  You left no detail to chance, whether it be the perfect airline aisle seats, the hotel, the meeting site, the food–it all fit right into place.


Barry, Austin, TX

I cannot thank you enough for taking over and booking my tickets for myself and my family. During a time of grief for use all.

You stepped in and not only found us the best flights, fare, you also tracked the journey and rescued us from being stuck in Chicago.

I was not in the mind set to be able to react to the delay. You emailed, called, and handled the situation and made sure we all felt getting to our destination would be possible.

Again thank you for your great service and generosity as well in waiving your fee due to my families loss.

Much appreciation,


Stephanie Davio

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