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The Reopening of Colombia’s Borders

Anyone who’s been to Colombia can tell you that it’s a beautiful country filled with activities to do. Colombia is very diverse, with beaches, mountains, different cultures, and amazing food. If you’re anxious to return, or go for the first time ever, you may feel frustrated that the borders haven’t opened yet. The good thing is that the wait is almost over; at the beginning of September, the borders will reopen!

Although it’s hard to be patient, it’s actually beneficial to you that they delayed the reopening of the border. Colombia is going the extra mile to ensure that its citizens, as well as tourists, stay safe during this pandemic. They’ve taken this extra time to make sure everything’s ready for the economy to open; they’ve improved public transportation, enforced strict rules about masks, created stops on the side of the road for people to sanitize, and are super cautious of their social distancing. Because of this, they’ve kept their people healthy, and will continue to do so. This is good for you, because you can feel more confident in your next vacation. As health is the most important thing, the extra wait will be worth it.

Now that it’s almost open, you can choose where you want to go. Cartagena vacation packages and San Andres vacation packages are super popular for those that are itching to go to the beach. These towns have the laid-back vibes that the Caribbean offers, as well as beautiful beaches perfect for swimming, scuba diving, and exploring.

If you want more of a city experience, you can go on a Medellin vacation package. Although Medellin doesn’t have a beach, it has a lot of culture and history. There are many museums to go to, a great nightlife, and even nearby pueblos (small towns) that you can visit.

Maybe life isn’t 100% back to normal, but we’ve all learned that life can’t stop forever. That’s why we’ve learned to live with this pandemic in the best way possible. Now that borders are starting to reopen, take advantage of the opportunity and take a well-deserved trip to Colombia.

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