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There are even more reasons to visit Panama this season

Panama has seen great growth and development in the last decade. But getting around Panama has never been easier than it is today.

Due to an increase of the influx of new vehicles, Panama’s government has improved the conditions of the Panamanian roads to make them more convenient and safer for travelling. That is why exploring the country and driving throughout it is now easier than ever before. What formerly consisted of decaying bridges and dirt roads are now brand new bridges and paved asphalt.

If you want to travel to Panama, this is the perfect opportunity for you to rent a car and plan your own trips around Panamanian lands. The mountains near Boquete feature several different species of birds and butterflies that you can photograph when driving by. In Panama, everything is more accessible on four wheels. You can go to buy natural raw honey, fresh fruit and veggies from local vendors that bring fresh produce around every day straight from their farms.

Further, if you rely on your own car -even if it’s a rental– you don’t have to depend on the bus system. To make things even better, the access to stores, restaurants, gyms, markets, beaches and other commodities quick and easy.

Basically, if you have a driver’s license you can get a car -for a price, of course– . Nowadays, Panama government officials speak perfect English and validating your license or getting a new one is rather easy. If you’re thinking about renting a vehicle in Panama city, you should take into account that tollbooths do not accept cash anymore. Therefore, you should make sure, your rental company of choice has a PanaPass sticker on the window, an electronic toll collection system used in Panama.

If you want to skip the whole car rental ordeal and still make the most out of your trip to Panama City, you can use the new metro system which helps you get around easily to ensure you won’t miss out on anything that Panama City has to offer. You can get a Metro Card for only $2 dollars and you just have to pay 35 cents per journey. You can get the cards at the bus station. The whole system is easy to use, it features simple directions and departures on every station and it’s very clean in general.

Panama is becoming an easier destination to reach every year. And our Panama Vacation Packages make it even easier. The International Airport in Panama City, Tocumen is also experiencing upgrades and improvements consistently and quite often. Most agents and clerks speak perfect English and planning the travels in terms of logistics is simpler than anyone might think; which is why Panama is still a great vacation and retirement destination.

If you’re considering Panama as a destination for your next holiday, our Panama Vacation Packages have the best deals for you. If you want to make your vacation unforgettable, Give Only Travel Group a call now on 916 688 3700. What are you waiting for?

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