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Top Dishes to Try in Medellin

Traveling is a great way to understand another person’s culture first hand by learning their history, listening to their music, learning their dances, and making friendships with locals. However, let’s not forget about one big way to experience another culture: the food! By trying new dishes, you can better understand the culture while sharing the experience with your new friends. During your stay in Medellin, make sure you prioritize trying new cuisine. Here are some of the typical dishes in Medellin. (Related topics: Cartagena Vacation Packages, Medellin Vacation Packages, Santa Marta Vacation Packages)


Bandeja Paisa

This is a classic dish from Medellin! It’s a great dish to eat while you’re here because this plate has many different components, meaning you can try a variety of new things all in one dish. A typical bandeja paisa has chicharron, chorizo, plantain, fried egg, blood sausage, avocado, arepa, ground meat, rice, beans, and lime.


Empanadas can be found on almost every street corner in Medellin. Empanadas are fried or baked dough filled with chorizo, beef, chicken, or cheese.


Sancocho is a traditional soup with different kinds of meat, plantains, potatoes, corn, and yucca. It’s served with a side of rice and a couple slices of avocado.


Patacones are twice fried plantain patties. These are great because they can, and are, paired with all kinds of food. They can be eaten with beef, chicken, seafood, or alone.


Salpicon is a fruit salad made with a different variety of fruits such as mango, apple, papaya, and pineapple. The glass that it is served in is lined with sweet condensed milk and then topped with a scoop of ice cream with your choice of flavor. This is the perfect treat to eat on a hot day.


A buenuelo is a fried dough ball, which is delicious when paired with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. This is known as Christmas food, but it is eaten year-round.

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