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Visiting Cartagena

When you think of South America, what do you think of? This is somewhat of a trick question, as there are so many countries, cities, landscapes, and cultures that make up South America. You can go through the Amazon in Peru, explore the patagonia in Argentina, or even enjoy the many beaches. Since there are so many different places to discover, we want to recommend one of the amazing destinations in South America: Cartagena.




Cartagena is a city and major port on the northern coast of Colombia in the Caribbean coast region. Although there are many cities along this coast, Cartagena is known for being one of the most beautiful, not only for the beaches but for it’s colonial architecture.


Cartagena has hot weather year-round, but it does have a rainy season. That’s why the best time to go is between December and April. That being said, since those months have a lot of tourism, the city is more packed and the prices are usually more expensive. If you don’t mind getting a little rain, then you can go anytime of the year.


Costenos (people from the coast of Colombia) are super friendly and laid back. You will hear all types of music while you’re here, with the most popular from this area being vallenato. If you want to enjoy some authentic food, you should try mojarra (fried fish), mote de queso (soup made with yam and cheese), posta negra (sweet and savory pot roast), and ceviche. You will notice that there will be many people selling food on the street or out of their homes so don’t be afraid to try new places.

What to Do

When you’re here, make sure to take the time to enjoy the beautiful beaches. You can go swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, and on private boat rides. You can also walk around the walled city, visit the San Felipe de Barajas Castle, go to La Serrezuela (an old theatre that was turned into a beautiful mall), and check out other excursions that are available.

If you’re considering going to South America, let us help you find the best cities to visit. If you’re interested in a Cartagena vacation package, contact us at Arik Travel and we’ll help you plan your vacation package.

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