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What you want to know before your trip to Cabo San Lucas

If you want to have an unforgettable vacation before the summer ends and you’re considering south of the border as suitable destination, one of our Mexico Vacation Packages will be perfect for you, and one of the most attractive destinations you should definitely check out is no other than Cabo San Lucas.

Of course, it’s perfectly understandable that you might have concerns regarding the trip, especially if it’s your first time away from home, that’s why in this article we’ve made a list of everything you need to know before you embark in your summer adventure to Cabo.

Safety: If you worry that Mexico might be a dangerous destination, fear not! Although, some regions within the country might have negative attention from the press because they have been deemed unsafe, this is not the case of Cabo San Lucas; an Americanized city that features bi-lingual law enforcement officers, easily identifiable by their “Policía Turística” jackets. This group of officers are ready to help and assist any tourist to navigate Cabo and making it back home safe and sound.
Food: Although most establishments run on purified water, it’s advised to make sure whatever property you’ll be visiting has it’s own source of purified water, and if you’re eating out in a small restaurant or stand, you can avoid drinks with ice and aim for bottled water that’s sealed by the manufacturer, just in case.
Legal affairs: Stay up to date about requirements and restrictions in Mexico by checking the U.S. State Department’s website or app before you travel. Usually, you’ll be required to complete a Mexican Entry Form upon arrival to Mexico and it’s essential that you keep this document with you during your visit. You must present it when leaving the country, otherwise you’ll have to pay a fine.
When coming back to the US you’ll need to have your passport at hand. At the moment vaccinations are not required when travelling to Cabo but random checks are customary at the airport, so be prepared.
Money: Most establishments accept US dollars, however prices are displayed in Mexican pesos. Download a good currency conversion app so you can always keep track of the the exact exchange rates.
It is advised to keep cash with you at all times since there are very few places that take travelers checks. If you need cash, get it from official ATMs or bank offices from well-known financial institutions.
As an extra precaution, let your credit and debit card companies where you are going, including the dates. By doing this you lower the chances of a fraudulent use of your cards during your trip.
Transportation: Navigating Cabo is fairly easy without renting car. Taxis and shuttles are available at the airport and around the city at fixed rates that are very affordable.
Shopping: Just like the international and cosmopolitan culinary options offer safe food and bi-lingual staff, most commercial establishments have english-speaking employees that can assist you during your shopping journey. Since Cabo offers many commodities straight from the US, you can do some grocery shopping at Costco or Walmart, fairly close to downtown in Cabo San Lucas or pick up whatever items you might need from the local Home Depot.
If you’re planning on buying Cuban cigars, which are abundant and very popular, make sure to get tem from reputable resorts or legitimate tobacco merchants to avoid any unpleasant experiences.

As you probably guessed, the weather in cabo is tropical and lovely all year round so make sure to pack fresh clothes and comfortable shoes that will allow you to feel free and enjoy your trip. Of course, don’t forget your swimsuits, loads of sunscreen and tanning lotion. If you’re travelling with teenagers, bear in mind that the legal drinking age in Mexico is 18, so take your precautions.

If you’re considering Cabo for your next holiday destination, our Mexico Vacation Packages have the best deals for you. If you want to make your vacation unforgettable, Give Only Travel Group a call now on 916 688 3700. What are you waiting for?

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