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What to Do in Puerto Vallarta

At some point or another, work is going to get tiring, the kids are going to be causing havoc and you are going to need to have some time to get away from the daily struggles of life and take a vacation. But where can you go that has beautiful beaches, great food and lots of extra activities to do for you and the family? Well, have you thought about Puerto Vallarta vacation packages?

By booking Puerto Vallarta vacation packages, you can have peace of mind because you will be entering a new world, full of everything you want it to be. Whether you are after a quiet vacation to relax, or a fun filled vacation to explore and try new activities, we have all the Puerto Vallarta vacation packages you can dream of.

The type of experiences you can expect to do on Puerto Vallarta vacation packages consist of fishing trips, water sports, ATV adventures, etc. Or if you prefer a quieter trip, we also have you covered to have beach days, pool days, whale watching and plenty of different tours.

Fishing trips are very common throughout the whole of Mexico because the waters are full of tropical fish and you can catch some very impressive trophies to boast to your friends when you get back home.

On the beach you will find plenty of water sports to try out depending on how brave you are feeling!

ATV adventures are very popular with tourists because you get the chance to explore more of the country by going through the jungle, through rivers and visiting villages. It is the ultimate experience!

The beaches in in Puerto Vallarta are special to say the least; you can find crystal clear water teaming with tropical fish or you can just spend the day soaking in the rays on the silky white gold sand.

Off the West coast of Mexico, it is common to see whales in the water. The whale watching experience is one of a kind, where you can spend half a day on the water and see plenty of these remarkable creatures.

There are many different tours available, some quiet and some extreme. Depending on how you feel, there is something for you. Here is a list of common tours you can find when on Puerto Vallarta vacation packages

– Tequila Testing
– Adventure Tours
– Food Tours
– San Sebastien Del Oeste Tour
– Las Caletas Day Tour
– Puerto Vallarta Sunset and Dinner
– City Tours
– Coastal Tours
– Traditional Cultural Tours

Here are just a few tours, there are many more you can find when you arrive! Safe travels.

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