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What You Should Know About Tierra del Fuego

If you’re on a cruise, you may want to get out and experience a different atmosphere. Tierra del Fuego, otherwise known as the “End of the World”, is located at the southernmost tip of South America. In Tierra del Fuego, you will be surrounded by nature and beautiful scenic views, allowing you to breathe in the fresh air. This is not a common place for tourists, which means you and your family will share a unique and authentic experience. This article informs you a little more about Tierra del Fuego, and what we will take you to see. (Related: travel vacations, vacation packages)


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Tierra del Fuego was discovered in 1520 by Ferdinand Magellan. For 350 years after the discovery, the land was occupied in peace by its indigenous people, the Ona, Yahgan, and Alacaluf Indians. In 1880, Chilean and Argentine nationals started to colonize the area, which marked the beginning of sheep farming and the discovery of gold in that territory. Since this area is on the border of Chile and Argentina, they had many disputes over the territory, which were resolved in 1984; the land is now split between Chile and Argentina.


The weather in Tierra del Fuego is generally cold with lots of wind. Because of this, it’s important to dress in warm clothes to prevent any uncomfortability. The sunlight in Tierra del Fuego depends on what time of the year it is. During the winter, there can be as few as 7 hours of sunlight, while the summer can have up to 17 hours.

Things to Do

On the Argentine part of the island, we will take you to Tierra del Fuego National Park. This park is filled with waterfalls, forests, mountains, and glaciers, always giving you a scenic view. Here you can go to Ensenada Bay, where you will overlook Beagle Channel. You can also see Redonda Island, the Alakush Visitor Center, Laguna Verde, and Lapataia Bay.

At Arik Travel, we want to introduce new and exciting day trips to you while you are on our cruise ship. Contact us for more information over Tierra del Fuego.

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