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Why You Should Be Visiting Guanacaste

If you are searching for your dream holiday haven, then you may have stumbled across the right place. Costa Rica is well known as a diverse destination offering many unique types of vacations, making it suitable for anyone. An area that is popular for many is Guanacaste, full of heavenly beaches, dense jungles, and desert landscapes, along with many different activities to do while there. This article will help you decide why you should be visiting Guanacaste, Costa Rica, for your next travel vacations.

Whether you are looking for a lazy poolside holiday in the sun, an exhilarating hiking trip, immersion with traditional cultures, exploring the diversity of wildlife or all of them together, you can find them in our Costa Rica vacation packages at Arik Travel, where you can book the vacation of your dreams.

What Makes Guanacaste so Great?


Costa Rica is a tropical country that can reach high temperatures, although it also tends to rain frequently. However, the rain will be welcomed by many (especially hikers) as it can reach high temperatures during the day.


Guanacaste is located on the West side of the country, where the golden sandy beaches meet the Pacific Coast. These beaches are known to be some of the best in Costa Rica, offering everything any keen beachgoer would desire. With our Costa Rica vacation packages, you will have the opportunity to visit these magnificent beaches.


You will find it incredibly hard to be bored on your travel vacations while in Guanacaste. There are so many things to do, ranging from wildlife safari trips to boat cruises, hiking tours, culture days, and so many more!


It won’t take you long to fall in love with the outstanding landscapes in Costa Rica. It truly is a picture-perfect country!

Costa Rica, as a whole, is a beautiful country that offers so much! To get the absolute best out of a vacation here, you should contact us at Arik Travel, where we can offer you best Costa Rica vacation packages that suit your needs best.

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